A Black Harry Potter Story

I’ve had a chronic back pain sense maybe around 20 maybe around 2013 that would flare up every now and then. I began learning the flute in 2020 and assumed that it was connected to the posturing. While traveling I’d sometimes also experience pain always the left shoulder behind the heart. Once a friend massaged it and jumped back after they felt something like an electrical shock. Last year I began using an IUD and experiencing joint pain throughout my body, especially in my shoulder, became so painful that I eventually had the IUD removed. I’ve used all types of modalities to treat the shoulder including sound healing meditation, Reiki, Thai massage, chiropractor, and acupuncture but experienced no relief.

I decided to take advantage of the stay-at-home order and really focus on healing this problem. I began taking magnesium and joint support supplements regularly and found exercises on YouTube created by a physical therapist.  I returned to daily chanting for both my emotional and physical health by exploring Bija and vowel sounds from different cultures and experimented with various combinations of sounds and tones.

I also began studying African Traditional Religion with the Zimbabwe National Association Traditional Healers. They, as in many other indigenous cultures, view the body from a holistic perspective incorporating mind, body, and spirit. According to African Traditional Religion a chronic illness, such as my shoulder pain, was the result of a larger deeper spiritual and emotional issue. My mother and other ancestors were channeled. She is experiencing great turmoil and a ritual needs to be done to end her suffering and allow her a peaceful transition. My teacher, Sekuru Sibanda, agreed to send me a box of herbs and other materials to complete the ritual which is currently with the Zimbabwe Drug Inspection.

Zimbabwe National Association of Traditional Healers

I asked my instructor about the pain in my shoulder and if it was connected to who’s paying my mother was experiencing. He explained that pain in the back of the shoulder is indicative of spiritual conflict and that it typically means that there are two spirits fighting for possession. This means that I’m a channel or medium like him and I need to use herbs and ritual to resolve this conflict. 

I was then given an exercise for entering the trance or meditative state where I meet a spirit guide and have them introduce me to their friends. The first time I tried the spirit that met me made me feel a little uncomfortable and looked like a white man. He said he was related to me  on my grandfather’s side and that his name is Anthony. He then led me to meet his friends. His friends were all aliens and their spirits were trapped in different objects and such. I had just finished reading about the different types of spirits and how alien spirits we’re not good. Also, the spirits that Anthony introduced me to were asking me to release them and I started wondering who trapped them and why. The whole situation did not feel right so I left. I later spoke with my teacher and he confirmed that alien spirits were to be avoided and shared a ritual I could use to ask the spirits to leave me alone. 

Soap for Healing and Protection Made by Osun Priest

I continued studying because technically I was still in theory portion of my program and would sometimes test out the exercise and visit other realms for healing. Then one day the healer from Nigeria reached out to me on Instagram and explained that my ancestors had come to them and requested a ritual sacrifice during the last week or so of Ramadan. The ritual was to clear blockages caused by jealousy and other witchcraft. She explained that I was supposed to already have a successful business and be employing my family, and my ancestors needed these rituals in order to protect me and ensure I received my blessings. I sent the money for the resources for the ritual and began fasting for the first time in my life. The ritual was performed using a goat and meat shared with the local hungry children. The healer then sent me beads to make wrist and waist beads for protection along with a special healing soap which they prepared.

Nigerian Osun Healer Shopping Herbs and Other Materials for the Ritual

I got some psilocybin mushrooms and decided to journey with them a few days ago. I was met by spirit from my paternal side name Mushroom. He confirmed that we were from the wolf totem and took me to meet the head of our totem. The head of the totem was named Wolf and he reconnected my spirit line to our totem. I took rest of the time to work on healing my shoulder and it was revealed to me that it was a wrought iron circle causing the pain in my back. I’ve been using ribbon and sound in my meditations to bind things that were not serving me and shooting them out through my crown chakra to my ancestors for disposal. I tried this method with an iron circle and it would not budge. I continued to bind it using the color green because it was near my heart, vowel and Bija sounds, and green ribbon.

I began sound healing my water before drinking it and incorporating the wolf sound into my meditation. While chanting I would envision a green light and green ribbon binding circle which had patterns in the inside like a mandala. Later that day, I was studying and reading for an essay that I needed to write for class about the role of the spirit and peace conflict and resolution. I spent the day reading accounts of different traditional healers. I learned about the different types of spirits, their roles, and how they both support and regulate humans. I would take breaks to meditate and visualize my shoulder healing. Eventually, I began to see the wrought iron circle being pulled out my shoulder. What I first thought was a medallion turned out to have a long spike coming out of the other side. 

Kemetic and Ayurvedic Toning

After years of pain I was able to finally pull it out the source with the help of my ancestors who then disposed of it. I heard a voice that said it was gone and the next morning I had more range of motion in the shoulder than I’ve had in over a year. It’s not completely 100% but over a 75% recovery. The next day I was reflecting on the object that had been removed wrought iron with a circle medallion on one end and a long point on the other. Then, while talking to a friend, I finally realized that it was a branding iron. The original alien spirit, Anthony, was the spirit of an ancestor those who’d enslaved and branded one of my ancestors. The branding was some type of witchcraft that allowed them to infiltrate our family lineage and my sub-conscience.

I’m so incredibly grateful to be on the mend with the support Musikavanhu (god or the creator in the Shona language of the Zimbabwean people), my ancestors, and the renowned healers from two different countries. Since the ritual, my financial resources have quintupled. I’m officially moving into the practicum in July and excited to continue expanding my skills in herbalism, to further explore channeling, and learn bone setting.

Recording of the Ebo Sacrifice:

Ebo Sacrifice by Osun Priest in Nigeria

By Nekia

Nekia Wright is an education specialist, sound healing facilitator, and artist/musician based out of San Francisco, CA.

She developed her educational consulting business, Sound: Health, Education, and Life Skills, which has evolved into Ujamaa Incorporated, in order to provide services to local organizations including the YMCA, Davis Senior Center, UC Berkeley, Rafiki Coalition for Wellness, and La Scuola Italian International School. She has over a decade of teaching experience both here in the US and abroad at international schools in Guatemala, Australia, and Panama.

Art, music, self-care, and community empowerment are her primary tools for healing and promoting justice.

M.A. Special Education
B.A. Communication Studies

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