Life after Fascism

We are waiting for a certain population of people to make the right choice.

However, this happens to be the same population of people who after 400 years refuse to accept that racism exists and is a problem. The same people who promote the death penalty but attack women for having abortions. The same people who are anti-medicare for all. The same people who are anti-public education. These people are led by corporations that profit from suffering and oppression. These corporations are like cult leaders their followers are not only willing to drink the Kool-Aid…they are willing to kill anyone who challenges the illusion they’ve staked their lives on.

One of those corporate entities includes weapons manufactures who’ve poisoned these peoples minds with fear in an effort to sell more guns, rifles, and rocket launchers.

We thought the corporate fascist take over would be led by AI, like in Terminator, but in reality it’s been happening under the guise of marketing, propaganda, & public relations. Corporations have spent decades perfecting the science of mind control and many of us are under the spell without even knowing it.

These people are the extreme examples, but we’ve all been impacted. Breaking these spells within ourselves and our community by creating a consciousness and economy based on love, peace, acceptance, forgiveness, & autonomy is the first step to freeing our nation from this disease spread by corporate fascist.

I created the Assessment & Accountability For Racism & Oppression as a tool to support assessment and interventions to address racism & oppression in schools and workplaces as a first step.

By Nekia

Nekia Wright is an education specialist, sound healing facilitator, and artist/musician based out of San Francisco, CA.

She developed her educational consulting business, Sound: Health, Education, and Life Skills, which has evolved into Ujamaa Incorporated, in order to provide services to local organizations including the YMCA, Davis Senior Center, UC Berkeley, Rafiki Coalition for Wellness, and La Scuola Italian International School. She has over a decade of teaching experience both here in the US and abroad at international schools in Guatemala, Australia, and Panama.

Art, music, self-care, and community empowerment are her primary tools for healing and promoting justice.

M.A. Special Education
B.A. Communication Studies

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