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Sound Science

Do you want to develop a deeper understanding of sound for healing or musicianship?

Sound Science is a self-paced course teaching the foundational science and philosophy of sound for musicians, sound healers, and students.

Releasing Stress & Trauma with Sound.

After this course you will be able to:

  1. Define sound, explain how it is produced, and how it is processed by the human ear.
  2. Describe how sound has influenced cultures around the world.
  3. Explain how Pythagoras influenced contemporary music and science.
  4. Utilize scientific research and studies to explain how sound is used in the medical field.
  5. Create your own properly tuned instrument.

Sound Science is our Level 1 Fundamentals of Sound for Musicianship & Healing. It takes practice and hard work just like anything else and I know you can do it! I included a few bonus resources to facilitate the process.

  1. Sound Science Application: Contains all of the course materials & reference guides in a personalized app.
  2. Sound Science Workbook: Fillable & Printable PDF and Reference Guide
  3. Two group coaching via Zoom or similar platform. 

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  • Level 1 Foundational Musicianship & Sound Healing Course
  • Lifetime access to community and resources through the Sound Science Application.
  • Fillable Workbook
  • Two Group Coaching Sessions

Sound Science: Fundamentals of Sound for Healing & Musicianship

Explore the physics and philosophy of sound through a self-paced course that guides you through an investigation of sound and it’s many uses. Includes the following BONUSES: Sound Science App, Two Sound Science Group Coaching Sessions, Fillable & Printable Workbook & Guide.


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