Poem written by a client after a receiving a sound massage,

For Nekia – who made me weightless
Empty is the appearance, but filled/filling with sound
Deep enough
To hold heart,
Nekia heart
Healing heart
Heart meaning whole
Meaning resilient
Meaning rhythm
Bass for this brass humming
Perhaps a revealing
In this sound that smooths
Hard edges into a shine
A roundness
This singing that lifts
Everything we are made of
Up and out of us
Revealing in the end,
Simplicity as a sacred place
And that if we can practice
This releasing
To sky, sand, universe
The very molecules we are made of
While pedestrians
crunch past-tennis shoes on sand
While ducks in the near distance
Waddle-wade their way
Across lake
While clouds pull themselves
A blanket across sun
If we can practice
This letting go
This art of unbecoming
While the world worlds around us
Then maybe we might
Have learned a thing
or two
About grace
Maybe we might
Have a shred of a glimpse
Of how to navigate
The moment
Our bones, blood, cells, muscle
Become Pacific wave
Become tree ring
Become the break of sun
A red pulse of light
Laid along horizon

January on the cusp of Febuary 2016

What Others Have to Say

Jack Lundstedt Titi, Sweden, “Amazing experience! It was like a journey that started in a galaxy far, far away with a stop in a peaceful Swedish summer and then ending up in Tibet. I really enjoyed it and it was very relaxing. Thank You!”

Alex, Australia, “Nekia was able to explain the process clearly and ease into the process. I really enjoyed the meditative state this sound healing was able to place me in. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.”

Kaito, Japan, “This experience is great and special for me. The sound made me more relaxed, also the vibration through my body cannot be described by a word. I was about to fall asleep. Thank you so much for giving the HAPPY moment.”

Weiman, US, “Almost all of it, from beginning to end, felt like a massage of the pineal gland. The third eye. Every strike of the bells was like a physical, healing pressure on that point. The bodily effects were less significant. I think I will have interesting dreams or thoughts during the day. Maybe the course of my thoughts have been totally derailed today. Ha Ha! No good or bad judgement on these new possibilities.”