Facilitating Wellness in the Workplace

Engaging & interactive wellness workshops to reduce stress and increase cooperation in the workplace.

Professional Development

The Sound & Workplace Wellness workshops facilitate a deeper connection to one’s self and community through a hands-on exploration of emotional wellness facilitated by sound medicine.

20% off for BIPOC owned businesses

Discounted rate for public schools & nonprofits

Customized Platforms & Applications

Custom school applications facilitate schoolwide positive behavior support, provide a personalized & accessible learning experience across the digital divide, and can adapt and evolve with the needs a diverse school community.


Staff learns Equity, Social Emotional, & Project-Based learning approaches


Customize your platform with our team to ensure each of our schools needs is met


Successfully implement Liberated Learning approach with your customized platform.


Our team is here to ensure your platform evolves alongside your school community

How Customized School applications empowers your community:

  • Streamline data collection & feedback from students, parents, & teachers.
  • Compile & share lessons with schoolwide curriculum builder.
  • Equitably Engage school community with semester projects & competitions.
  • Securely host & moderate community engagement. encourage adaptive social behaviors through Positive Behavior Intervention System.
  • Dashboard Offers continuity for students, teachers, & parents to keep track of schedules, events, appointments, assignments, progress, & goals.
  • Facilitate inclusive virtual learning along with fluid transitioning between virtual & in-person classroom environments.
  • Custom tailor school app to address other school needs.
Fully Customizable School App
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